Independent Monitoring Consultants

We Measure What You Can't See

IMC, its staff and partners are dedicated professionals whose primary goal is to provide a quality range of testing and consulting services to enhance the health and safety of its clients and provide a wide range of solutions in the areas of environmental waters, indoor air quality, food and related management.

IMC provides specialist consulting services supporting building and property owners and managers, hospitals, major retail centres, for protection of their cooling and water systems, legislated (Legionella) microbiological regulation, Risk Assessment, indoor environment, corrosion protection and management. IMC is a proud AUSTRALIAN OWNED & MANAGED business.

Specialist Consulting Services

IMC TechServices

IMC Techservices Division is a team of dedicated service technicians trained and organised to complete assigned collection works on a regular basis in all Capital cities and many regional areas where clients or legislation requires specialist routine testing.

IMC Environs

Our uncompromised, independent, professional position in the marketplace uniquely qualifies us to represent our clients in evaluating all potential indoor and environmental risk management issues. 

AllWater Technologies

Experience, knowledge and longevity in the industry make our team at Allwater Technologies your perfect partner to investigate, manage and provide solutions on all types of corrosion problems from condenser water pipe systems, valves, fire safety systems, to ensuring that you have the correct chemical treatment suppliers among a range of other services.

Our Vision
To be recognised and respected as one of the worlds best consulting, testing and monitoring services in the fields of environmental waters, indoor environment, corrosion monitoring, food testing and consulting.
Our Mission
To build Independent Monitoring Consultants into the best, most professional quality driven specialty services consulting and testing facility in Australia and Asia. To do this IMC is committed and dedicated to providing each and every customer irrespective of size, the same standard of quality & service while maintaining strict adherence to all relevant and applicable quality standards, regulations and legislation without deviation from the expectations covered by out laboratories, divisions, staff, clients and markets.

IMC Contact Information

General Enquiries Australia


23-25 Daking Street, North Paramatta NSW 2151


Phone: +61298905069
Outside Sydney Metro: 1300 131 405


General Enquiries Malaysia


29 Jalan Perai Jaya, 13700 Prai, Butterworth, Penang


Phone: +604 398 1245


General Enquiries Thailand


30/66 Soi Serithai 68, Serithai Road, Minburi, Bangkok 10510, Thailand


Phone: +662 907 4488

Email: |

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